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19 Years out of 39 Years Impact Leading the Technology Transformation Process

Date: 2019-06-27 Source:weibu

On May 28, COMPUTEX 2019 kicked off at TWTC Nanking Exhibition Hall 1, which has attracted 42,495 international buyers from 171 countries.

COMPUTEX 2019 focuses on five themes, namely AI & IoT, 5G, Blockchain, Innovation & Startups, as well as Gaming & XR.  A total of 1,685 exhibitors—a 10% growth from last year—gather in Taiwan to introduce their products and services in TWTC Hall 1, TICC, TWTC Nankang Exhibition Hall 1&2.



While COMPUTEX has continued to lead in the technology transformation process for 39 years Weibu also has been leading the IT solution industry for 19 years. And being part of the usual exhibitor, Weibu participates and witnesses COMPUTEX exhibition like moving from science fiction to the real world and innovative applications that constantly challenge the limits of technology.


This year for this one of the most symbolic events in the global ICT industry ---Weibu Booth is at Booth NO#: M0104 of the System & Solution Area.


Continuous innovationscience and technology development made the modern life more interconnected. With the latest Intel ?Whiskey Lake, support 2.4G 5G, HDMI, dual channels, full-featured Type C, the item M8W are widely used in intelligent retail, self-trading, business display and other application scenarios, which has received high appraisal from the customers for its high performance.


As the leading provider of total solutions in China, Weibu is the only multi-billion level enterprises that can provide comprehensive coverage of total solutions of Intel
QualcommAMDMTK and Rockchip in China. Weibu booth drawn a lot of industry experts as well as endless visitors’ attention.


Take the 13.3 inch notebook as an example, which integrated with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 platform. Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 is built on Samsung LSI Foundry’s 10nm LPE technology--- the first SoCs produced on “10nm” class technology that accelerates the speed up to 27% faster, and escalates efficiency up to 40% higher comparing that with the 14nm class technology. The main frequency is 1.9GHz 2.45GHz, and octal core designed.



T24, with its unique sense of luxury and elegance, has been well known by Weibu customers (refer to last news --- 3 Reasons to Visit Weibu Booth at the Global Source Mobile Electronics) This time, an updated version -- T27, with refined taste and luxury appearance, 27-inch frameless screen, thin mini ITX form factor combining a sleek profile with full PC performance, are more secure and more flexible at work, play or school.



As for Motherboard, taking item# B360 as an example, integrated with 9th Gen Intel? Core? CPU, support 4 channels, 6*SATA 3.0 interface and USB3.1 Gen2 & Type C, accelerates the loading and launching of the games you play and takes your creativity to the next level with the power you need to create, edit, and share.



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