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Open the New Cooperation Chapter with Intel

Date: 2019-06-25 Source:weibu

January 18, 2018 Mr. Sunil and Mr. Todd, the senior director of Intel Client Ecosystem Development, visited weibu headquarters. The senior management of weibu warmly welcomed their visit by demonstrating Weibu's latest products. Both Intel and Weibu management speak highly for the achievement on the past development cooperation, and exchanged mutual ideas for future planning with weibu in 2019.


Todd speaks highly for weibu new products for its stylishness and excellent user experience. Mr. Wilson explained the customer's feedback on the new products and shared his opinions about the current marketing trend, he also explained that Weibu people are always adhering to the corporate concept of "Customer-centered; User experience oriented" as their working principle.  Mr. Todd has really high praise for this concept.

Mr. Todd expressed his thankfulness for Weibus efforts over the past year. When facing with global unfavorable situation and uncertainties coming forward, Intel and Weibu are even more closely collaborated and standing side-by-side for all the new challenges


In the most difficult period when Intel was out of chip stock, Weibu did not hesitate, and launched a serial of solutions (HU, XU, SU, DU, KU, TU, MU, a total of 7 series) based on Intel i3-5005u inside. This quick marketing action gained significant market feedbacks for its ultra slim and light stylishness, which also approved for the solid mutual trustworthy relationship of both sides not only for the ups but also for the downs as always.



In addition, both Intel and Weibu management had discussion in-depth for the future technology and marketing trend. Mr. Todd expressed that Intel will, as always, support Weibu for its technological innovation and product marketing. And Weibu will continue to follow the development strategy of Intel, positively response to customer feedback, to develop more user friendly features solution of high credibility




After the meeting, Mr. Todd and Mr. Sunil expressed their best wishes to weibu people. The friendship between them and weibu people is getting stronger, and they firmly believe that Weibu will become stronger.

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